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Level 1, is where all the souls from animals and various other four-legged and fur babies roam. I'd like you to stop by and visit Level 1 of my Garden! This Level, Level 2, contains the souls of our family members, relatives, friends and acquaintances we have just met or have known for a time. I'm always available to honor your loved one(s) if you'd like to email me with all the information (Birthdate/Crossing date if known, a short story about the person and anything you'd like the public to know about them) and I will get them added. This proves very helpful if you'd like to share the page of your loved one with family or relatives. I am proud to be able to share God's Garden with you and I hope you will bookmark it for future reference. If you know of anyone who has lost a loved one or pet, please let me know and I will enter them in God's Garden. Thank you for visiting and please come back soon!!

Hello and welcome to God's Garden Level 2! I'm sure you are wondering what is meant by "Level 2"! Well, I started out with just one Garden but, it grew and grew and soon it was so full of beautiful souls that I had to enlarge my beautiful Garden. On the lower Level, God's Garden

A - C

D - F

G - I

J - L

M - O

P - R

S - U

V - Z

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