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Alford, Dewey - Dewey, husband of Mary (See below), went to be with his Lord. He is greatly missed by his son Robert, family and friends.

Alford, Mary - Mary, wife of Dewey (See above), went to be with her Lord. She is greatly missed by her son Robert, family and friends.

Allen, Dan - Dan was a really nice man. I worked with him cleaning apartments for a Property Management Company.

Back, Froston - Froston was a wonderful young man. He was smart and he was an alumni of Baylor. He always had interesting facts and tid bits to share on Facebook with his friends. His Mother, Cindy had this to say on Facebook when everyone asked where was Froston: "I know that all of you are wondering what happened. After getting to Waco we contracted an upper respiratory infection. Froston took it harder because he had diabetes type 1. For days I tired to get him to go to the hospital and he refused. He lost his appetite and started having trouble breathing. I ran to the store to see if I could find him some type of medicine, he called me and said he could not breathe, so I told him as soon as I got back he was going to the hospital. When I got back he had passed away in the bathroom. They took him to Dallas last night for an autopsy. I will keep him here in Waco where he wanted to be." Froston, you were so loved by your Mother, Father and Sister. I'm sure he is happily being greeted by his faithful Bulldog and earthly companion, Winston. Froston, you are missed so much. A brick with your name on it has been placed at Baylor. Rest peacefully until we all meet again one day.

Bacon, John Wallae - John was born July 29, 1913 and went to be with his Lord on January 02, 1991. John and Mary were living in Georgia at the time of his death. He married Mary Lee (Miller) Bacon on February 04, 1969. (See Bacon, Mary Lee Miller) He is greatly missed by his loving daughter, family and friends.

Balelo, Mark - Mark was a part of Storage Wars and always had a wad of money to place on units he wanted to win. Death on February 11, 2013, was attributed to suicide.

Ball, Margaret - Margaret was the Secretary at the First United Methodist Church for many years. She is missed by family and friends and the Congregation as well.

Bajorat, Manfred Fritz - Manfreds mummified body was found in his yacht. In one picture, you can see he was near his radio as if trying to call for help when the storm came that thrust him out in open waters where he floated for years before being found. The other pictures are of strewn tins and items.

Batchelor, Bonnie Leah - February 10, 1923 - March 27, 2009 Bonnie Leah Batchelor passed away March 27, 2009 at LaVilla Grande Care Center in Grand Junction, Colorado after a courageous battle with cancer. Her daughters were at her bedside as she joined our Lord. Bonnie was born February 10, 1923 in Caddo County, Oklahoma to Homer Burk and Leah Henley. She spent her early childhood in Oklahoma before moving with her family to Palisade, Colorado. She married Alfred Sherman Batchelor on February 12, 1938. Alfred was a rancher. Bonnie was a wife and mother of nine children. In addition to raising their children, Bonnie loved fishing, camping, gardening, cooking and canning. She didn't allow anyone to visit her home and leave hungry. Later in her life, she put those cooking skills to work at the Clifton Elementary School and Mesa Manor Nursing Home. Bonnie was a lifelong member of the Clifton Christian Church and ensured that the church was also an important part of her children's lives. She was the cornerstone of her family, and will be truly missed. Bonnie was preceded in death by her husband of 55 years, Alfred Sherman Batchelor; a son, Kenneth Ray Batchelor; and a daughter, Shirley Jean Batchelor. She is survived by three daughters, Vickie (Fred) Lamb of Grand Junction, CO; Sharon (Jack) Cheskaty of Grand Junction, CO, and Bonnie G. (Richard) Heinsma of Grand Junction, CO: four sons: Donald (Jean) Batchelor of Louisville, CO; Allan (Nina) Batchelor of Ozark, MO; Bill (Charlie) Batchelor of Amarillo, TX; and Eddie (Terri) Batchelor of Grand Junction, CO: two sisters; Bernice VanZant of Delta, CO and Nettie Macintosh of Fruita, CO: one brother, Doyle Burk of Kansas City, KS: 24 grandchildren, 40 great grandchildren, and three great great grandchildren. Visitation will be from 3:00 - 7:00 p.m., Tuesday March 31, 2009 at Callahan-Edfast Mortuary. Funeral services will be held Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 10:00 a.m. in the Clifton Christian Church, 615 1-70 Business Loop with Roger Ferguson officiating. Interment will follow at the Palisade Cemetery. Following her interment, all her friends and family are invited to a reception in her memory at the Clifton Christian Church Memorial contributions may be made to Clifton Christian Church or the Alzheimer's Association , 2232 N. 7th Street, Grand Junction, CO.

Bevacqua, Anne T - Anne was born August 25, 1912 and went to be with her Lord on December 08, 1998. She is greatly missed by her husband Francis, her sons Francis Jr. and Paul, her granddaughter Midgie, and her daughters-in-law Margie and Marianne. Her granddaughter says: "She was my best friend!"

Bhatt, Rohini - Rohini was born August 26, 1940 and went to be with her Lord February 26, 1993. Her husband says: "She married me on 11th June, 1958 and we lived together happily for 35 years, bringing up 2 daughters and a son. She left all of us behind when she responded to the call of ALMIGHTLY IN HEAVEN."

Blake, Nancy - Nancy went home to be with her Lord on Christmas Day, 1999. She was 87 years young. Her dear friend says: "I miss her already. She was a lonely woman and I hope that the times she called me, crying, I might have helped her in some small way. Please pray for Nancy and that God grants her thepeace and gives her the love which she didn't find from those closest to her. I love you Nancy! God rest your soul and grant you peace." She will be greatly missed by family, friends and all who had the priviledge of knowing her.

Blanchford, Howard - Howard went to be with his Lord on October 03, 1999 after being diagnosed with cancer 2 months earlier. his daughter Beth says: "Dad was known as 'Mr. Volunteer' as he was always helping others as a Shrine Clown, the town Santa and Secretary/Treasurer of 8 Organizations. We know he is busy in Heaven helping others." He will be lovingly missed by family, friends and all who knew him.

Boley, Alice - Alice went to be with her Lord on December 27, 2000. She is lovingly missed by her son Walter, family and friends.

Brandenburg, Kenneth (KV) - Kenneth went to be with his Lord on November o3, 1999. His loving wife Sherry says: "My husband of 38-1/2 years fought a 2 year battle with lung cancer. I miss him so much." He is greatly missed by family and friends.

Bunting, Phlisia - Phlisia Bunting's body was found 200 miles from her Denver, Colorado, home in 1990. Phlisia Bunting's body was found partially submerged in a lake in July 1990. Her mother last saw her after a counseling session. Police say Phlisia, 16, was taken to a state park in a stolen car. If you know something? Call Colorado, Mesa County Sheriff's Sgt. Henry Stoffel at 970-244-3265. This is the story that CNN posted: (CNN) -- Phlisia Bunting's body was found dumped in a Colorado state park two months after she finished her freshman year in high school. That first year of high school had been socially challenging for Phlisia, who at 16 "was quite different or unique," according to her mother, Carrelyn Bunting. "She didn't know how to handle her uniqueness," Bunting recalled. "She was persecuted by the kids in the school." Phlisia had won a costume contest for dressing up as her pop idol, Boy George, even painting her face white to pull off the image. It didn't help her popularity, Bunting recalled. "That did not go over well for a black girl in an all-black school," she said. But, despite her social difficulties, Phlisia was a good student, said Sgt. Henry Stoffel of the Mesa County Sheriff's Office. "She hit her teenage years and started hanging with some kids who were on the streets," he said. "So many of the street kids we've seen are into drugs, and we have no history of her involved in drugs or alcohol." Bunting, determined to help her daughter in any way she could, began attending counseling sessions with Phlisia at Urban Peak, a youth assistance organization in Denver. "She seemed to enjoy it, the fact that I'd come down," Bunting said. It was after one of the counseling sessions, on July 18, 1990, that Phlisia pleaded with her mother to let her stay a few hours longer. "I had to get back to work, and she said, 'Please, I promise. I'll go home,' " Bunting said. It was the last time she saw her daughter alive. Two days later, a maintenance worker in Grand Junction, Colorado, stumbled upon Phlisia's lifeless body. It was partially submerged in a man-made lake more than 200 miles from Phlisia's home in Denver. "Originally it was just a body of a black female that was found," Stoffel said. The lake at Colorado State Park, Island Acres, is about a third of a mile off Interstate 70. It was gated and under construction at the time. "She was face down, with her upper torso and head submerged in the water," Stoffel said. A rock had been placed on her head. Whoever took Phlisia to the pond had to carry her, because no vehicles were allowed in the park. But police say they know how Phlisia got to Island Acres. The day before her body was found, Phlisia went to the park with three other teenagers in a stolen vehicle. "They were arrested in Boulder for being in possession of the stolen car, and around that same time, we are notified of the body in the park. No one knew they were connected," Stoffel recalled. "Once we find out who Phlisia is, we contact her mother, and she gets us in touch with Urban Peaks." Interviews at Urban Peak led investigators to the three teenage boys. "We know they make it to Island Acres from information we got through interviews," Stoffel said. "And we know that all four arrived at Island Acres, but only three of them left." After 20 years, no one has been arrested or tried in Phlisia's death. Thomas M. Canfield, the Mesa County coroner, ruled Phlisia's death a homicide caused from a nonaccidental, traumatic, mechanical obstruction of her airway, followed by drowning. Despite statements made to police by witnesses who identified a 19-year-old as the person who caused Phlisia's death, and his subsequent arrest, he was never charged and prosecutors dropped the case. "They didn't feel they had enough evidence for conviction at trial," Stoffel said.
Murder and Homicide
Nancy Grace
One of the problems, according to Stoffel, was that the stolen vehicle was returned to its owner before law enforcement knew it might be linked to a homicide. The hot, dry climate in Grand Junction was not favorable to finding fingerprints. Phlisia's exact time of death is unknown. However, police say she died less than 18 hours before her body was discovered, leaving enough time for the three teens to drive back to Denver. Stoffel said he hopes that a re-examination of physical evidence will lead to an arrest and conviction. "Over the last couple of years, we've been hoping new technology will help us figure out what happened there," he said. "Hopefully, the physical evidence will tell us who is telling the truth." Bunting said she wants the case resolved and has a hard time knowing that the person responsible for her daughter's death has evaded justice all these years. "How else do we prevent this from happening again to someone else?" she asked. "Anybody that has expertise in this field, anywhere in the world that reads this ... if they would offer their expertise, we need their help." "This is not a difficult case to solve or prosecute," she added. "We know who the players are, we have a body. How are these punks beating us at this?" Anyone with information concerning Phlisia's case is asked to call Stoffel at the Mesa County Sheriff's Office at 970-244-3265.
By Alexis Weed, Nancy Grace Producer
October 25, 2010 9:22 a.m. EDT

Burris, John L. - This is in loving memory of John L. Burris. John was born on December 15, 1967 and taken suddenly on December 06, 1997 when he was struck by a semi-truck. He leaves behind a loving wife and 2 small children. His Aunt Kim says: "We were all in shock and still are at times, especially during the Holidays. The last time we saw him was on Thanksgiving Day and then he flew to Nebraska where he was working. I just want to let people know they are not alone in their grief. It can happen to anyone. I believe he is in a better place but, I still miss him alot. We love you and miss you so much. My prayers go out to all of you who have lost a loved one." He is lovingly missed by family and friends.

Cantara, Eleanor - Eleanor was born on May 23, 1913 and went to be with her Lord and join her husband and sons, Joseph, Joey and Jilly on June 18, 1999. She had lived in Massachusetts. She is greatly missed by her daughters Patty and Marge. For those left behind, sorrow is overshadowed by the happiness that they, Joseph, Joey, Jimmy and Eleanor are all together again, in the Lord's House.

Dr. Darrel Clark DO - This man was a Doctor when Doctors cared about their patients. I was one of his patients and he delivered all three of my babies. He had a heart of gold and he was often found in the hospital nursery rocking a new born in his gentle arms. He cared and he was passionate about his career. It wasn't a job to him and it wasn't about money. God rest his Soul. "Darrel Clark - July 20, 1925 August 15, 2013. Darrel was born to Tekla and Adolph Clark in Clear Lake, Wisconsin. He grew up with his brother, Wayne, on the family dairy farm, graduating high school in 1943. He joined the USNR, training in the Navy Air Corps, then as a deck officer. He attended Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota, Pre-Midshipman, Mid-shipman and destroyer training schools at Princeton and Columbia Universities and Norfolk, Virginia before duty on the USS Hyman in the Pacific in 1945. Following WWII, he attended the University of Wisconsin and Chicago College of Osteopathy, graduating in 1951, before serving as a communications officer on the USS Waldron. While on this Goodwill Tour to Europe he met Katherine Davis, who was in the US Foreign Service in Hamburg, Germany. They married March 26, 1953, in Conroe, Texas during his internship. In 1954, he started practice in Dove Creek, Colorado, later moving to Grand Junction, practicing for 38 years and raising a family. He was active in the American Lutheran Church, the Grand Junction Rotary Club - president in 1983-1984, the American Osteopathic Association, and the Colorado Society of Osteopathic Medicine. He enjoyed camping, traveling and jeeping, until paralyzed by Guillian-Barre syndrome in 1980. In 1992, the couple retired to Ridgway, where they were founding members of the United Church of the San Juans. He leaves his wife of 60 years, Katsy, and daughters, Marti Weber of SLC, Utah (Rich, Ashley and Justin); Janis Berino of Frisco, Colorado (Jeff, Jay and Jenya); Karla Clark of Nashville, Tennessee, and son, Chris of Grand Junction, Colorado. Burial will be at Dallas Park Cemetery near Ridgway. A memorial service will be held at the American Lutheran Church in Grand Junction Wednesday, August 21, at 11:00 a.m. Funeral services by Callahan-Edfast. Charitable donations may be made to Hope West Hospice or American Lutheran Church. Published in The Daily Sentinel on August 18, 2013 - See more at:

Clowser, Donna Lee - June 25, 1939 - May 5, 2009 Donna Clowser passed away at her Grand Junction home after a sudden illness, she was 69. Donna was born on June 25, 1939 from the union of Gilford and Dealy May McCullough in Burlington, CO. She and her parents lived in Eastern Colorado and Kansas for the first 15 years of her life before moving to Clifton, CO in 1954. She was formerly married to Homer Almond and William (Bill) Clowser. Donna was a Nurse's Aide for a time, later working as a senior companion and found taking care of the elderly in their homes to be the best and most rewarding of jobs. Donna enjoyed outdoor fishing, camping, quilting, and crocheting, "I have been told, I can even crochet in my sleep by a couple of the kids". She enjoyed sewing and donating baby quilts to the Pregnancy Center and St. Mary's Hospital. Donna leaves behind nine children, Ronald Almond, Vonna Tabor both of Grand Junction, CO; Kent Almond of Fruita, CO; LaDonna Davidson of TN; Jeffery Almond, Sherry Wright, William Clowser all of Arizona; Wendi Shinsky of Texas and Sue Riley of Hotchkiss, CO; 17 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren of whom she was proud of each and everyone and always enjoyed the time spent with them. Donna was preceded in death by her parents and granddaughters, Tanya Haltiner and Jaynee Almond. A memorial service will be held at 10:00 a.m., Monday, May 11, 2009 at Martin Mortuary.

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