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Dean, Andy - Andy went to be with his Lord on January 02, 1992. He left behind a son, age 28 and a daughter, age 24. He is also the grandfather of a beautiful little grand-daughter, age 4. His daughter says: "My father will never see his grand-daughter face to face. He served proudly in the Navy for 22 years and for short times, served in the Army and Marines. He passed away from the AIDS virus. I miss him so much and wish my daughter could have the chance to know her grandfather and know what a great man he was. He did everything that he could to show us the best paths to choose to walk down in our lives." He will be grately missed by family and friends.

Delong, Mary L - Mary was born December 23, 1931 and went, during sleep, to be with her Lord the morning of March 24, 1996. Her daughter says:"She was taken from us but, we know she's in a better place where she will suffer no more of life's pain and illnesses. I just wanted to say, 'We love you Mom and we do miss you so much at this time of the year and so much all the year through.'" She leaves behind 4 children, including her daughter Donna. She is greatly missed by family and friends.

Dietrich, Carol Lee - Carol was born on April 04, 1946 and was called Home on November 22, 1992. She is dearly missed by her 3 daughters. She was a wonderful Mother and Friend.

Dillingham, Russell Eugene - Russell came into this world on May 29, 1932 and went to be with his Lord on August 06, 1999. His loving wife Patti and wonderful son Thomas say: "He lived his life the way he wanted, giving 32 years and 8 months to the U.S.Army. Retiring to be a farmer, he enjoyed the outdoors. He was a special husband and caring father. In his lifetime he fought many battles but, the one that started for him in February 1999, was a battle he could not win. Cancer took him on August 06, 1999. At night his family looks to the sky to see his bright and shining star looking down and keeping a safe watch over them. He will always be loved and missed forever.

Eichstedt, John Sr. - John was born January 12, 1922 and went to be with his Lord on November 08, 1984. His daughter Bonnie says: "He lived for his family. We miss him and love him very much. He is with the Lord and is not suffering anymore. He is in a better place." He is missed by his family and friends.

Embry, Joshua C. 'Chewy'- Josh, was born November 4, 1982, at Normal, Illinois and was the son of Robert L. "Scrappy" and Cathy L. (Slagel) Embry. God took him Home at 12:46 a.m. Sunday, November 16, 2008 while he was at OSF St. Joseph Medical Center in Bloomington, Illinois. He had been stabbed in the heart outside a country bar in this college town. He was a physically imposing, 300 pound, 26-year-old man who was not known to sell or use drugs. He was a member in good standing of one of the most respectfully regarded motorcycle clubs in the world, the Outlaws. He was stabbed in front of at least 30 witnesses. The murder was recorded on as many as four surveillance cameras. Joshua Embryís father is a biker and his only association with the Outlaws is that his dead son used to be one. An unsubstantiated but persistent, unpublished rumor in Bloomington is that Embry was stabbed while trying to defend another Outlaw. Robert Embry has spent most of his time trying to unravel the mystery of his sonís death. There are no publicly named suspects in Joshua Embryís murder. This young man is gone too soon. He had a fiance' and a myriad of friends and family who loved him dearly and are missing him each day. They want closure but in the meantime, they wish Josh could come back. This happened all to fast and sudden. He is riding the golden road in Heaven and is not suffering. He is spiritually with his loved ones until the day comes when each will join him. RIP, Sir. You were a great man and you are deeply missed. (Some excerpts were taken from The Aging Rebel dated Sun, Nov 8, 2009 and from an obituary in the Pantagraph at
Josh's niece Crystal says: "R.I.P. Josh...The day will come justice will be served!! One way or another! You were a great man! Your life was cut too short...I miss hearing your bike...I miss your smiling face...I miss your laughs....and I miss you picking on me...haha! Ride in the wind...and one day we will meet again! Your lil buddy is getting so big...and hes a big tough guy with a soft side just like his Uncle Josh. I never got to thank you for all the times you watched him and the time I got in the wreck and you were at the hospital to check on me before anyone else...You beat me there...This household will always cherish your memories and keep them close. I always show lil charley your pics and remind him...I dont want him to ever forget you.
I'll never forget waking up that morning. I missed I think over 30 calls to tell me what happened...Its just wrong...I never got the chance to tell you I loved you cause I guess I thought you'd always be there...You were like the brother I never had. You teased me and gave me a hard time but when I was down and out you were serious and always there when needed. Thank you...thank you so much...You might not of been blood to me...but you were my family and always will be. God always takes the special ones home early...but you had so much more of a life to live...Keep an eye on us while we live in the cruel cold world and know you'll never be forgotten. You made an impression on everyone you ever came in contact with. You always looked like a big bad ass but we all knew you were nothing but a big ole teddy bear! Give Porkchop a hug and tell him we miss him too...RIP.."

Farnell, Dianna (Ezernack) - Dianna went to be with her Lord and her father Walter Ezernack Jr.(Below) on March 10, 1999. She put up a brave fight against Leukemia. She4 leaves behind twin daughters born October 09, 1998 and a son 6 years old. She will be greatly missed by her Mother Paulette, family and her many friends.

Ezernack, Walter Jr. - Walter went to be with his Lord on February 09, 1997. He put up a brave fight with Cancer and was called Home at 58 years young. He is greatly missed by his loving wife Paulette, son Walter (his namesake), twin grand-daughters and two grand-sons. He will be greatly missed by family and friends.

Ford, Cheryl Van Horn - Cheryl went home to be with her Lord on December 31, 1993. She had breast cancer. She is greatly missed by her mother and family and friends.

Freibert, Jean Carolyn (Tingle) - Jean went to be with her Lord and join her husband William (Below) on November 12, 1998. She fought a brave fight with Cancer. Her daughter Teresa says: "Mom had smoked for probably 40 years but had quit 6 months before and also 6 months before had lung x-rays that showed nothing. They found it in the liver which means it came from somewhere else first. She had Chemo and at first slowed the disease. She and Dad both suffered greatly in their last days. I miss her terribly. I am tryig to get comfort to know my Mom and Dad are in such a place of light, serenity, peace, love and bliss but somehow that does not lessen the deep grief that I feel I should be getting over by now. I am also a painter and have not been able to paint since Mom died. She was a painter, too. I know I am to get on with my life." Jean is greatly missed by her daughter, family and many friends.

Freibert, William Joseph - William went to be with his Lord on December 22, 1997 and was laid to rest on Christmas Eve. His daughter Teresa says: "My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. They said they 'got it all' but here it had progressed into his bones. My Dad was a mechanic and owned Freibert Garage that had been in the family since 1910 in Louisville Kentucky. On that Christmas Eve that my Dad was buried, I looked behind at all the cars in the funeral procession in the freezing rain with their headlights on and said to myself, "Yeah, Dad!" I felt so abandoned, so like a little child. As my sisters and I picked out our father's clothes to be buried in, my mother (Jean Carolyn (Tingle) Freibert (Above) called with her diagnosis, she had Cancer." William is greatly missed by his daughter, family and friends.

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