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The most difficult thing in the world has to be the loss of an infant or child. We grow up thinking, as parents, as adults, we will go before our little ones. It's not always the case, unfortunately. The loss of an infant to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), Miscarriage, accident or even Abortion, takes a big piece out of our heart. A part of us is missing and will never heal. People like to say "Give it time" or "You'll feel better soon", well, we don't feel better soon and it doesn't matter how much time goes by, we will never feel whole again. When we lose a toddler or child, we will always wonder what they would have become, would they have children, who would they marry, what would be their career choice and all the things such as leaning to drive, being a teenager, loud music and ear buds, the latest fad in clothes and hours in the bathroom getting ready for the prom or first dance at school, gone. A whole life full of memories and photos, gone forever. God has a special place for our wee ones. I call it Play Land because it is here that they will run and play and do all the things infants and children do here on earth only, in heaven, they won't get hurt, won't get bullied, won't get a scrapped knee or broken bone. They can be children and be happy. When we cross over, they will show us around and tell us all about their time with God in Heaven. So when you see a butterfly, a pretty flower, smell the fragrance of baby lotion drift through the room or see a toy relocated, it's them. They are around us!

Our Little Boys

Our Little Girls

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